Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ungifted by Gordon Korman Atwater says:Gordon Korman writes with amazing ease towards young readers. The dialogue he writes between kids is uncanny to the conversations I hear kids having everyday. Ungifted follows the adventure of Donovan Curtis, a troublemaker, at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. This school for gifted students mistakenly lets him into the school with paperwork mix-up. Donovan's interactions with his teachers and the grown ups around him are very funny and somehow the situations with them always end up in his favor. Somehow he manages to keep his secret at school, and chapters where the reader hears from his classmates and the administrators keep the reader engaged while at the same time making one wonder "how does he do it??" A book that gives the reader a perspective into the life of an ultimate prankster and the lives of gifted students, combining their worlds and perhaps arguing that there are fewer differences among us than we may think.


  1. Travis Sherman says: Ditto to everything Jeannette said. This book was chosen as a Sunshine State reads here in Florida, and it is one of more popular choices. Donovan is truly a fish out of water, and we can all be sympathetic with that situation, while the books' humor and Donovan's humanness engages us. And hopefully our young readers.

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